DCC Sound Decoders UK Train Noises – Black 5


Black 5 8Pin DCC Sound Decoder without Sugarcube Speaker

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Firstly this Black 5 from our DCC sound decoders UK store will add a lovely sense of realism to your loco driving experience. In effect giving train noises that shock your layout into life.

black 5 DCC sound decoders UK store

Of course, the Black 5 DCC sound decoders from the UK.

Additionally, click the video below to hear our Black 5 DCC sound.

Arguably the Best DCC Sound Decoders UK Store for Black 5 Loco

First of all, copyright is abided by in our DCC sound decoders' UK steam projects. Since we professionally record all sounds in each project at the highest fidelity with digital recorders with multiple microphones placed on the loco. Also, we give advice on speaker selection and placement. The most important factor is to please your particular pair of ears. However, this is because everyone has a different set.

Furthermore, we offer a wide variety of steam model railway sound effects projects. These continue to expand as we prototype, polish and make available more DCC chips with loco sound.

At this point, the DCC chips are now with 'All New' interactive features.
***Accordingly Be Aware:  That, of course, these superior sound decoders will be posted by insured special delivery***
Function Key.
F0 Lights On/Off. (If fitted)
F1 Sound On/Off.
F2 Short Double Whistle. (Shunting)
F3 Short Single Whistle. (Right away Whistle)
F4 Uncoupling Mode including coupling hook sounds.
F5 Brake Release.
F6 Drivers door open/close.
F7 Injector.
F8 Long Whistle with Echo.
F9 Longer Whistle.
F10 Despatch Whistle.
F11 Firebox Open/Close.
F12 Coal Shovelling On/Off.
F13 Tender Water Filling.
F14 Safety Valves.
F15 Sound Fade Out/In (Tunnels Etc)
F16 Shunting Mode. (Inc Drain Cocks & Light Chuffs)
F17 Speaker Volume. (Decrease/Off)
F18 Speaker Volume. (On/Increase)
F19 Aux 1.
F20 Aux 2.

Incidentally, this DCC Sound Decoders UK Project has random stationery sounds including Injector & Coal Shovelling.

Presently items are sent by Special Delivery. Moreover Free Shipping on orders over £250.

Ultimately Our DCC Sound Decoders' UK Steam Train Noises Add Realism

In conclusion, we work up the highest fidelity best driving DCC sound decoders UK steam noises on the market. Furthermore, Our decoders are available with connectors to suit your loco.
Finally, Locoman Sounds believe diversity spices up life. Next check our diverse offering of model railway sound effects. Of course, it will fit with your pre-existing loco sounds systems.
Also here is more information on the black 5 locomotives.
train noises Black 5

train noises Black 5

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LS40X22X09 Double Sugar Cube Speaker £14, Single Sugar Cube Speaker £6.50, LS55X22X09 Double Sugar Cube Speaker £19, No Speaker